There are some iconic roles in the most romantic movies, which are surely unforgettable. People who did those roles are now with an enigmatic status and the roles they have played are now images of the most memorable romantic characters that were ever featured on the big screen.

One of them is surely Mr. Big played by Chris Noth in the iconic movie Sex and the City. Mr. Big is a character, which will forever speak of class, dramatic relationship and of course a stormy affair. Whatever Chris Noth plays, he will always be our Mr. Big.

So is the case of Kirsten Stewart who plays Bella Swan from the cult movie saga Twilight. Her character is one of the most memorable romantic movie heroines of the decade. Probably she will stay linked to Bella, whatever she would play in the future.

Perhaps the most iconic romantic role in the contemporary cinema is the role of Tristan Ludlow. Tristan is hero from the hit movie “Legends of Fall” and it was played by Brad Pit.

The movie is considered as one of the greatest love stories that ever was shown on the cinema screen. Brad Pit has built his successful career exactly after his enigmatic role in the “Legends of Fall”


  1. I love Bella Swan role played by Kirsten Stewart.Kirsten Stewart and Robert look hott together.Dream couple they are indeed!!Love their pair.


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