After several months totally in the dark about her private life, Lindsay Lohan has a new girlfriend.

The information says that her heart had settled with a new love. Since the autumn of last year Lindsay is associated with photographer Indrani, 13 years older than her, whom Lindsay met during a photo session.

lindsay new girlfriend

The 36-year old Indrani spoke about their relation and said they are spending a lot of time together. The photographer said also she never had a relationship with a woman, but obviously Lindsay had a success in seducing her.

Indrani revealed also that Lindsay is extraordinary and very smart. Recently Lindsay has been under public pressure, after scandals with her own father and bad behavior with the media.

According to Lindsay’s new girlfriend, the party lioness has been put under a very bad pressure, but she is trying to put her life back on track.

Still, the media doesn’t seem to like Lindsay’s craving for attention and blamed her considering this a new PR trick. According to many, this relationship will be good for Lindsay, because Indrani is a mature woman and doesn’t have anything to do with the wild party life Lindsay is accustomed with.

Many sources claim also that actually Indrani is the woman to save Lindsay from her messy life style.


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