When Taylor Swift appeared on the Hollywood scene, people said she is for sure a “babe” being both beautiful and charming. Apparently, the young actress chose not to be just a hottie and decided that her movie career is not enough.

The main point is that she seems not to be just another pretty face in the business but also a smart girl ready to make some cash out of her fame and God given beauty.

Said and done, Taylor jumped and grabbed the opportunity and is about to become the next “Cover girl”. Since she declared herself a fan of the brand, the opportunity appeared exactly when the beautiful actress was on a look out for a publicity image contract.

With predecessors like Drew Barrymore, Rihanna, Ellen DeGeneres and Queen Latifah, the blonde beauty will for sure make the Cover girl proud.

We can only say: “Good for her “and keep our fingers crossed. It is refreshing to see Hollywood babes on a lookout for something to do with their fame and beauty.


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