They are both America’s super stars, but when they decide to be together for another show, they surely know how to make the public excited.

Oprah and Dr. Phil made a really funny appearance in the last Oprah’s show as the Queen of the TV simply shaved the famous Dr. Phil mustache.

phil shaved by oprahBefore Oprah becomes the barber, Dr. Phil shared that he was keeping his mustache for over 40 years.

The reason for doing this was to set an example of his most commented beliefs in life – you have to take the risk.

Oprah just made the first swipe with the razor, while the stuff of the show shaved Dr. Phil properly.

As a result, Oprah simply told him that he is now looking younger and better. Meanwhile the public was expecting to see what Oprah would risk, but this didn’t happen.

After the shaving Dr. Phil was barely recognizable and really different without his famous attribute – the mustache, which often was the object of jokes.

The demonstration was part of Oprah’s show that showed several important life lessons. One of them is to shake up your life and to go after the challenges.


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