She was good to run at the beach and to be the sexiest diva from the cult TV show Baywatch.

Nowadays Pamela Anderson really wanted to show us how much she can dance and we all got that. She was acting in the Dancing with the Stars, where she was making really good shows.

pam andersonPam loves it and it was obvious for the viewer. The star, which broke a record for Playboy sells with her covers, was eliminated from the show after the viewers decided she wasn’t so good so to continue to the final.

Despite the results, Pam got applauded for her skills to perform. Each week the star embodied the personas of legends like Marilyn Monroe and Dolly Parton.

Her performance was passionate and often considered as “too sexy” for the show.

The elimination of Pam came after she was rehearsing to perform Farah Fawcet samba. After the show and her elimination, Pam simply said she was happy to be part of such experience and said she was more than happy to be dancer, even for so little time.

Others are clear about her skills – she has a natural talent to perform and surely knows how to focus all attention on herself. The star is now said to continue to watch the show from home without any bad feelings.


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