In the heart of Europe, there is one film festival that surely can compete with the Hollywood glamorous Oscar – Cannes.

This year the Cannes Film Festival is surely as luxury as the Oscar was. The ceremony was visited by many Hollywood stars and most of them have made a great impression.

cannes film festival

The highlight of the Cannes was the new Woody Allen movie. The long expected film is called “You will meet a tall dark stranger” and was already applauded as one of the best, among the presented movies in the festival.

Lots of famous faces were also part of the number one European movie festival. The surprise this year came from the Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson.

The actress and singer lost some weight and now she is barely recognizable and clearly in shape. Diane Lane and Eva Longoria also caused a massive heartbeat as they were stunning in their glamorous outfits.

Josh Brolin and Jean-Claude Van Damme have also grabbed the attention of the public.


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