Тhe world premiere of one of the most expected movies this year Iron Man 2 is already a fact. What really matters is that this times the producers are promising more action, more drama and a movie, which promises action but also fun.

After its first part, there was only one man to congratulate – Robert Downey Jr. He was more than good in the first Iron Man movie and many will go to see the sequel just because of his play in the first part.

There is of course a lot of criticism about the story, as some say the plot is already boring and doesn’t offer anything new to its fans.

Still, this didn’t stop thousands of people to go and see the premiere of the movie.

There is no clear information about the box offices, which the movie hit, but all we do know is that the movie was expected by so many.

In the second part the world is already aware that the billionaire inventor Tony Stark and armored superhero Iron Man are the same persons.

Despite the pressure from the government, military, Tony refused to reveal his secret about Iron Man because he fears that information will fall into the wrong hands.

Along with Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow), Stark creates new alliances and confronts a new enemy – an evil Russian villain, played extremely well by Mickey Rourke.



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