Tila Tequila is one of those celebrities that certainly don’t have an ideal reputation. Actually no one can tell why she is famous. The scandalous star is said to go for rehab and probably many of you will agree she needs a special help.

This rehab is actually not going to be a medical or mental one, simply because Tila is said to be part of the show “Celebrity Rehab”.

The VH1 show will start its next season with many surprises, but the rumors says that Tila is going to be part of it. The show is displaying how the celebrities are conquering their own demons with the professional help of Dr. Drew.

As for Tila, the bisexual star has many demons to fight, but it is not clear which of them she is going to conquer in the show. The scandalous star is said to be addicted to many things, sex being one of them considering her own declarations.


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