The German supermodel Claudia Schiffer gave birth to a baby girl on Friday. This is third child for the supermodel, who seems to keep her famous shape even after 3 babies.

The baby was born in London, where the family is living. Claudia is married to the film producer Matthew Vaughan since 2002. The couple has two children – Caspar, 7 and Clementine, 5. The name of thee newborn baby girl is not yet known, but it is expected the name to be revealed the next week.

Claudia and the baby are said to be healthy and happy. Just few days back, the German super model posed naked on the cover of the German Edition Vogue.

The photography was made for the legendary designer Karl Lagerfeld, who has always claimed that Claudia is the best supermodel in the world.

Schiffer is now 39-year old and it seems that time is not an existing issue for her.

Even after 3 pregnancies, the star looks way younger than her years. She was crowned as the most recognizable and rich model from the generation of the supermodels.

Now Claudia and her husband are living in UK, where they are living a normal and far from public attention life.


  1. Congratulations to Claudia and Matthew Vaughan.I’m very happy for her.She’s simply stunning!I love her very much!I hope both Claudia and the baby girl are doing great.I’m very excited to know what name they pick for the baby girl,.


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