amy adamsAmy Adams is the next Hollywood mom as she gave birth to her first baby.

The Oscar-nominated actress gave birth to a baby girl few days ago. The baby is healthy and it is said that the actress is feeling fine.

Amy is now 35-year old, which is considered as a risky age to have baby. Still, the actress managed to give birth without any troubles.

The father of the baby is her fiancé Darren Le Gallo, who is said to be supporting the actress staying near her in the LA hospital when she became a mom. The couple did not expose the place of the birth and took security and privacy measures.

The official information says also that the baby weights seven pounds, but the name is still not released. Amy and her fiancé are dating since 2001.

The couple got engaged in 2008 and last year announced that the actress is pregnant. Amy attended the premier of “Leap Year” with her baby bump and was looking extremely happy as a mom to be.

Her last movie “Leap year” has made a success, despite the critics that said the movie is just another pop-corn chick flick. So far, Amy is known as a favorite actress to many directors, because of her professionalism on the set.



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