We have seen a lot of sex scandals in Hollywood, but what really happens after that is the question, which is often used by PR agents and journalists. Have you ever thought whether the sex scandals are good for the stars and their career?

In the 21st century sex scandals sell, but sometimes they ruin something else – the personal life of the celebrities, who were involved in the scandal.

The examples are several. The first and maybe the most commented one is the sex tape of Pamela Anderson and her ex husband Tommy Lee.

First the tape was said to be stolen, and then it was displayed online.

Pamela won nearly $1.5 million in damages, but after the scandal she got divorced. It is not clear why exactly she broke up with Tommy Lee, but it is said Tommy was abusive to her.

Until now, no one really can say it is because of the sex tape or not, but what is clearly obvious is that people with sex tapes often go for separation.

The same thing happened with Paris Hilton and her sex tape with the ex boyfriend Rick Salomon. Some say Paris’s tape was the perfect weapon for the fame hungry star, but actually Paris broke up with Rick months after the tape went over the internet.

Another celebrity, Kim Kardashian was also having a sexual scandal, after her tape with Ray J was released on the net. The couple had split with a scandal not long after the video tape release.


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