Great Britain’s Prince Harry has successfully completed the course in preparation for the pilots of helicopters and he will be able to realize his dream – to return to Afghanistan.

From the residence of the Prince, the St James castle was reported that Harry is satisfying all the requirements for becoming the pilot of two types of combat helicopters – Links and Apache.

prince harryHis father, step-mother and his girlfriend were also part of the ceremony. Now anyone in UK is asking will Harry return to Afghanistan or stay in the Kingdom to serve his royal duties.

Lieutenant Harry already has a military specialty – commander of a light reconnaissance tank. Therefore he was serving in Afghanistan for 10 weeks during the 2007-2008 year.

His mission in the province Gilmend was interrupted after the media broke the tacit promise and announced where exactly he was serving.

Harry is known as a tempered prince with a passion for military services, but whether he will continue his career or stay in UK, no one can tell. In England the attention is now focused on his elder brother, who is expected to marry his girlfriend.

Harry is also under the media attention with his off-and-on girlfriend Chelsea. The couple was separated for nearly one year, but recently they got back together and look really happy with each other’s company.


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