The biggest event in the UK is yet to be – the wedding of Prince William and his longtime girlfriend Kate Middleton.

The event that is going to be the wedding of the century for Britain is said to be a $40 million spectacular ceremony. Prince William is going to be 28-year old next month and one of his wishes is to marry after his birthday.

There are no clear details about the wedding, but what is known is that William is going to give to his fiancé Lady Diana’s ring – a 18-karat sapphire engagement ring, which the prince inherited from his mother. The next Princess of England is going to wear the wedding tiara and veil, which Diana wore on her wedding with Prince Charles.

The viewers of this event are expected to count more than 3 billion people from all over the world, which will set another record in the history. The previous record was held by his parents wedding that was also seen by millions of people.

Prince Williams, who is expected to be the next king of the UK, needs to be engaged before his wedding to his girlfriend as the tradition goes. The event is expected to be next month, when William will be 28-years old, while Kate will be 29-years old.


  1. I’m surprised!Anyways congratulations to both of them and she’s very pretty. I’m very happy for both of them.Wishing them much happiness and a great life ahead together.


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