Tara Reid is one of those Hollywood stars, which we can only envy. She is young, sexy and successful. Her movies and Playboy cover gave her freedom to do whatever she wants and she did it.

The actress is eminent for her wild parties and shocking behavior. Sooner or later, the party is over and even in Hollywood people are getting married.

Overall, Tara has begun a new life. She was having problems with alcohol, but overcame them with special treatments and professional help.

After the procedures Tara was said to start a new life and now she is only a social drinker. Since seven months the blond actress was dating with the Internet entrepreneur Michael Axtmann.

The couple got engaged in January, when the businessman proposed her marriage and presented her with a ring. Tara said yes and we all did expect she is going to be Mrs. Axtmann.

Obviously we were all mistaken, because the naughty actress called her wedding off. The lavish wedding ceremony was planned for May 22. There is no official information why the actress cancelled her wedding, but is expected her spokesperson to explain why Tara doesn’t want to be married anymore.

There is also no official information about her relationship with her boyfriend, after she cancelled the wedding.


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