She is the bespoke British fashion icon and celebrity singer, which anyone in the UK knows. Cheryl Cole reached a new level in her career. The leading singer from the girl band Girls Aloud is now the 4th Richest Young Music Millionaire, according to solid sources.

Cheryl has made a wonderful year for her bank account. She had a lot of issues to deal with. First she was involved in the hit show X Factor, and then she made her first solo album, which already turns to be super popular.

Apart from these things, she and her group had a tour and a new album released, which brought to Cheryl more and more money.

Despite her successful career, Cheryl had a bad emotional year. Her husband, the football player Ashley Cole, who is also a millionaire, was accused of having several affairs with other women.

Cheryl is now going to be divorced. This isn’t the first time she is having personal issues, but obviously the 26-year old singer will now finally change her family status.

Another success for Cheryl is the fact she made it to the list of the 50 Richest Young People list, where she is number 20 with her amazing bank account of £10 million.


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