Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy are no longer together and we all learned about their split on Twitter. The couple was together from 2006 and really seemed to be extremely happy.

jim jenny

The breakup was announced in a strange way- the stars have chosen the social networking system Twitter to tell the world they are no longer in love. Jim’s spokesman told that Jim and Jenny decided to end their 5-year relationship.

They are grateful for the wonderful moments spent together and wish all the best for each other. Jenny wrote in her Twitter account: “These years with Jim were great. I will always carry them in my heart.”

The actor wrote nearly the same in his account. Strange or not, (Jim and Jenny were called “perfect couple” in the media), this is just another story that ended as a typical Hollywood love story.

Just a month ago, on Feb. 14, Jim rented a plane in the air and wrote “I love you, Jenny” – something that few men can afford to do for their favorite women. Still, their love seems to be in the past.

After nearly 4 years spent together, they are now going to find new challenges. It is expected that Jim will have a new movie that will be released by the end of the year.


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