It seems the last years were conquered by extreme escalations in box office having as base the fantasy gothic creatures that are a constant in the cinematography – the vampires.

In before year 2000 and Bram Stoker’s Dracula starring Gary Oldman, the vampire movies were mostly involving scary, nightmare giving monsters. The story started to change preparing the road for the Twilight franchise and the whole current that came with it.

With the Anne Rice novels with Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt playing seductively beautiful creatures of the night in Interview with a Vampire, the modern vampires lost the dreaded look and became amazing creatures, almost indestructible, able to survive almost any traditional weapon the old movie vampires were killed with.

It seems the Hollywood cinematography slowly went into the wonderful challenge of transforming the most feared creatures into a more humane, more realistic hero.

The vampires of the 21st century do not fly or transform themselves into bats or wolves but they are ancient creatures able to evolve, develop and survive and bear a tragic passion for mortality.

When Underworld came to market, a new concept of vampires was born, extreme warriors fighting a mortal enemy – a new and improved nation of werewolves able to crush the vampire nation with very little effort.

Kate Beckinsale impersonated a new type of vampire hottie, far from being a languorous beauty but more like a warrior vampire princess in love with a werewolf.

This is how the Romeo and Juliet pattern started to appear in the vampire movies and apart from some fangs shown and werewolf roars, the actual monsters remained hidden behind the feline movements and imposing statures.

Hollywood chose to stick to this pattern and created more elaborate vampires, able to survive and live in the daylight with extreme seductive abilities and an air of almighty charm that eventually conquered even the people hating horror movies.

When Twilight books were put into a movie we all subdued to the amazing love story that left the vampire condition somewhere in the background and promoted the love between a mortal and an indestructible vampire so that millions of fans craved for exactly the same thing.

The werewolves were also here but in a closer form to the animal nature, equally in love with the mortals, equally invincible and able to shred a vampire to pieces transforming into a killer weapon in a matter of seconds.

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson played beautiful lovers keeping the audience out of breath with anticipation and with the saga continuing as planned, the raging fans will thicken the rows of vampire movie lovers.

The road being set, The vampire diaries TV show introduced another face of the vampires – a sexy, cute and heartbroken one. Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder play two vampire brothers in love with the same beautiful mortal girl, the living image of the vampire evil beauty that turned them both.

The modern vampire stories are very far from the scary movies of the 50s but the actors playing the vampires of today are sex symbols able to conquer the hearts of all of us.

You could say that modern vampirism has gone softer and you may be right but still it seems we love better this not so violent side and we are always ready to embrace a seductive monster.


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