ricky martinThe Latin pop star Ricky Martin just ended years of speculation about his sexual orientation and finally has admitted he is a gay.

The pop-star also said he is proud to be a happy gay person.

The confession didn’t surprise anyone, but still it is a huge step for Ricky. According to the singer, he needed to admit his sexual orientation after he began to write memoirs.

Ricky is a father of two children and his confession was made mainly because of his children. The singer became a father of two boys in 2008 through the so-called surrogate mother. At that time, there were no reports regarding any details of the birth or details about the mother.

The 38-year-old Puerto Rican has been avoiding the question about his sexuality for years. In 2000, the famous TV host Barbara Walters tried to press him in her studio with questions about it, but that time Ricky was out of answers.

Ricky, whose real name is Jose Enrique Morales, is born in 1971 in Puerto Rico’s capital San Juan. He began his solo career in 1991. During his career Ricky has sold 35 million albums mainly due to songs like “Maria (Un, dos, tres)”, “Livin ‘la vida loca” and “The cup of life” (“La copa de la vida”), which was the anthem of the FIFA World Cup in France in 1998.


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