It is not easy for Ryan Reynolds, the husband of the sexy Hollywood diva Scarlet Johansson. Her last movie is showing her into a new, a lot sexier role than ever. In the ‘Iron Man 2’ she plays the Black Widow, famous comic’s character, eminent for her perfect body and seductive look.

Ryan is said to be jealous, because his wife is now in a glorious shape. Scarlet, who has always been against the too skinny look, was keeping a special diet regime during the movie making.

She was also trained in martial art and was on a complex exercise regime. We can say that Scarlet is now having an entire new body look, which doesn’t include her famous curvy shapes. So far, the actress looks even better.

Despite her trainings and amazing new look, she still doesn’t agree that ultra-thin means sexy. In the movie Scarlet is wearing a Lycra cat suit, which displays her body in super sultry sex-appeal.

According to the information, the star was having so much fun to wear the costume, that she didn’t even want to take it off and brought it to her home.

Her husband Ryan is also movie star. His latest movie with Sandra Bullock has made a huge success. Despite his raising career, he is said to be extremely jealous of his sultry looking wife.


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