Sandra Bullock has finally returned to real life. The actress with the broken heart was pictured without her wedding ring in Northern California.

Bullock was seen to drink coffee outside, as she was trying to stay indivisible for the paparazzi, wearing a hat and with a huge scarf covering her neck.

The latest rumors about the actress are that the Oscar winning actress is not going to turn back to her husband Jesse James, until he doesn’t go for special treatment.

It is also reported that Jesse is now dealing with his personal issue through professional help, while Sandra is away since March 15.

Bullock moved out from their Los Angelis home, after she found out that her husband has been cheating on her. The scandal shocked the society and came 10 days after Sandra has won her first Oscar award.

The photo of Sandra Bullock in Northern California is the first after the breakup. The actress avoided all kinds of events and cancelled all public duties.


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