Christiano Ronaldo likes famous girls. The iconic football player, often called “womanizer” is reported to date Kim Kardashian. Ronaldo and Kim were spotted to kiss each other on a romantic date in an elite restaurant in Miami.

According to the paparazzi the couple was laughing, kissing and obviously having fun. Kim Kardashian isn’t the first IT girl that Ronaldo likes. A year ago the European football ace was pictured to kiss Paris Hilton and according to the rumors even spent a night with the blond heiress.

kim and ronaldoThis time Ronaldo is said to be attracted by Kim, which is now a famous socialite.

Kim is eminent for her curvy shapes, porn video tape and the reality TV show “Keeping up with the Kardashians”.

She is now taking part at a lot of charity activities in the U.S. and Africa. Kim is single since two months, but she seemed to have fun. According to other unnamed resources Ronaldo and Kim are already dating and keeping their affair in secret, knowing about the massive interest they will cause.

Ronaldo is one of the legendary football players in Europe, while Kim is super famous in U.S. The only difference they have is that Kim is 29-year-old, while Ronaldo is just 25. But who really cares about that?


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