Jennifer Aniston still believes in true love. No one really knows about the nature of her relation with Gerard Butler, who is the co-star of Jen last movie “The Bounty Hunter”.

What is known is that they are obviously pretty close to each other. Jenifer is known as one of the actresses in Hollywood that has difficulties finding the real love. Ever since her breakup with Brad Pitt, the star is surrounded by rumors and was linked to many Hollywood actors.

Nowadays everybody speaks of Jen and Gerard as a couple, especially after Jen celebrated her 41st birthday in the sweet company of the Irish born actor. The couple is now on tour in Europe promoting their movie.

First they were spotted in Madrid, where both were sharing jokes. Gerard and Jen will also visit London and some other European capitals, but their behavior spoke of something more than friendship.

None of them gave clear answer about the fact are they really in romantic relationship or this is just a close and exciting friendship.


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