The actress Naomi Watts seems to feel great as a mother. The Australian born star is now mother of two children – Sasha, 2, and Samuel, 16 months.

The actress is now 41-year old and doesn’t feel bad she will lose her shapes, while raising her sons. She is also known as one of the most natural celebrities in Hollywood.

According to her, motherhood is something she really likes. Despite her new movie premier, she claimed that all she thinks about is her children. Raising them keeps her present.

The actress admitted that when her second child was eight weeks old, she wasn’t thinking how to get back in shape. She was feeding her sons alone and she didn’t felt obsessed what will happen to her breast shapes.

Naomi revealed also that it is not easy to go at restaurants with her children, because they are still small and she never really gets to eat.

According to her, there is nothing like children to keep you in the moment. Being a mother for Naomi is to think only of her children. She also said she can’t think about anything else, but her sons. Despite this, Naomi began filming just two months after her second son was born.


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