King of Pop died on June 25, 2009 at 50 years of age, the initial diagnosis for his death was cardiac arrest. The world was shocked by what happened and millions of people still can’t believe Michael Jackson is dead.

After his death there is still investigation over the blurry details, in which the King of Pop was rushed to the hospital at the day of his death. Then the investigation found that Jackson was overdosed with different medicines due to which has occurred a heart problem.

jacksonThis version is just another try for finding how exactly Michael has died. The lawyers of Michael Jackson’s doctor claim the singer had committed a suicide.

The lawyers argue that Jackson himself has taken an overdose medicine and this led to his death.

The protectors of Dr. Conrad Murray will adhere precisely to this version in the court. During the trial lawyers will insist that Jackson himself has decided to increase the dose of medicine that is a typical sleeping pill.

According to the defense, it has happened while Murray has been to the toilet. There is also another version on this trial, but still many asked the same question- who is guilty for the death of a legend?


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