When you think of a super mom that is still having a model career, of whom would you think? I bet that it will be Heidi Klum.

The German born supermodel doesn’t seem to have any break from the runaway shows, nor from her Project Runaway. Obviously Heidi is among the few women with international fame that are able to manage their careers, as well as they are doing it with their families.

heidi klum

It was not long ago since the model gave a birth of her fourth child. Months after that, she was at the catwalk show of Victoria’s Secret and surprised the world with a body that millions of women would envy. Heidi is a woman that is able to balance well between family, career and fame.

Recently the model was seen at Bryant Park with her children, playing and having fun just as a common mother of four. Heidi showed her brand new haircut in the park, where she seemed to choose to have fun, surrounded by her family.

Meanwhile her Project Runaway is facing changes as it grows as one of the most respectable fashion shows on the TV. Her husband, the pop-singer Seal is said to work on new album. Overall, Heidi Klum and her family seem to make it and she still looks better than ever.


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