They are the most famous couple in Hollywood. According to several sources, the couple is expecting their first child. The couple married during a secret ceremony in 2008.

beyonce jayz

Last November it was reported that the couple is already working on the issue of having children. There are many rumors that Beyonce is already pregnant. Few days ago they were spotted having dinner. Beyonce is closing her jackets and prefers to wear more closed outfits.

These facts became food for the imagination of many and lately anyone is speaking about the eventual pregnancy of the star.


Soon after they were marked as among the richest people in the Hollywood industry, the next logical step is having a baby.

Will this happen, no one really knows. Despite the rumors about the pregnancy, Beyonce spokesperson has declined the comments. As for the star, Beyonce gave hints that she is ready to be a mother for quite a few times last year.


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