What’s going on with Britney? That’s the latest question when it comes to the star. It is seemed that the star doesn’t care about her look lately, or at least that’s what the paparazzi have been capturing.

Britney is a bit sloppy, looking as a normal girl and finally doesn’t react badly on the media presence in her personal life.

britney spears

Lately the star was pictured with her on and off boyfriend Jason Trawick in Calabasas, California, where they shared frozen yogurt. Britney seemed to enjoy the yogurt and was looking really possessed by the sweet dessert. What we noticed is not the fact the actress enjoyed her yogurt. It is simply her look that amazes us.

Recently the paparazzi are showing another Britney Spears, far away from her image in the video clips. This is not the lavish and sophisticated woman, we used to know.

britney jason

Britney simply looks like she doesn’t care about her outfits or about her hairstyle. You can easily see her neglected look, especially the hair, looking as she just rolled out of bed.

She doesn’t wear makeup and she is barely recognizable. Britney is now living with her mom for while in their home in Calabasas. As for her boyfriend, he also seems to not care how he looks. Is this just a media trick, or they simply try to go unnoticed?


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