The law is equal for anyone. Perhaps Pamela Anderson knew this when she forgot to pay her income taxes.

The California based star of “Baywatch” TV show seems to have problems with taxes since long time ago. Last time the rumors claimed that the star is no longer rich and she went bankrupt. This turned to be just a rumor and Pam actually got involved in another new business. This time she is offering an entire new line with her own perfumes.

Meanwhile the investments in the perfume business obviously were big enough so Pam forget about $493,000 in personal income tax.

pamela andersonThe 42-year-old actress refused to comment why she failed to pay her taxes, but the Californian authorities showed a tax line for $493,144, which was filled a year ago against the seductive star.

Despite the fact that California is a home for the richest people in the U.S., the statistic shows that there are more than 250 businessmen that owe the state more than $100,000. The next logical move of Pam would be paying the taxes.

For now her attorney is Robert T. Leonard, who will represent the star. She is now engaged with the show “Dancing with the Stars”. Let`s hope next time she won’t forget to pay her taxes.


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