She is the last Hollywood Diva. Her beauty, wild life and career serve as an example in Hollywood.

The iconic actress Elizabeth Taylor is now 78 years-old. The actress that inspired generations is truly a fighter. She recently had another surgery and was hospitalized again.

elizabeth taylor 01All her life Liz has been often a hospital client. The actress had a record amount of hospital surgery and procedures. This year Liz has been client of the hospital 3 times already.

The actress herself claims she had nearly 100 surgeries and procedures and she is already tired. At the age of 78 Liz told her friends she will no longer accept to go for surgery and will live her life the way it is.

Last summer the actress suffered from brain tumor, skin cancer, seizures, diabetes and pneumonia. She proved she is fighter and the result of her treatment was positive.

Elizabeth TaylorThis year actress decided to say no more to any kind of treatments and her friends reported the actress is tired of being hospitalized. Elizabeth herself is said to claim she enters hospitals more often as others enter taxi cabs.

The legendary star once again proved she is a survivor, but from now on she will refuse any kind of treatment.


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