She plays the most rebellious character in the Gossip Girl TV series.  There are rumors that Taylor Momsen will no longer play her heroine Jenny Humphries that made her famous in the popular TV show. According to several sources Taylor is going to say bye to the TV show.

taylor momsenThe main reason for leaving the show is not exactly clear. Some say Taylor will surprise her fans with a new bigger role, which will push her career up.

Others are skeptic about the actress and claim she actually was fired from the TV bosses due to creative differences.

The information is not yet confirmed, but it is said that Taylor herself informed she is done with the Gossip Girl.

The actress is now performing with her band Pretty Reckless at gigs at Outside the Key Club each weekend.

Despite this information, the producers of the show are clear she is still on board and they have something big for her acting career.


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