Another drama about Lindsay Lohan has spread with a new vengeance. This time the quarrel was in the social network Twitter, where father and daughter continued their dispute concerning her social behavior and public stunts.

The father of the American actress and pop singer Lindsay Lohan has requested a special press conference, in which he said his daughter needs to be sent to a rehabilitation clinic. According to Michael Lohan, Lindsay needs a special help and has to stop drinking and taking pills.

lindsay michael lohanLindsay Lohan’s father has expressed fears that the star may die young, just as Brittany Murphy.

Recently Lindsay was caught drunk again and her attitude speaks of being on pills.

Her relatives are seriously worried about her and insist she needs a qualified help.

The star doesn’t agree with her father’s opinion and blamed her family in twisting the real situation, just as the media does.

On Twitter Lindsay called her father “my ex-father” and continued the drama, refusing to listen to her family and friends’ advices. Her father was trying to convince his daughter through the social networking system, but it seems his words are not affecting Lindsay.

The star had rough times lately. Her career is going down, while her behavior is inadequate. She goes on with the alcohol and the pills and doesn’t want to contact her family.


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