When LA Lakers are playing, all the Hollywood stars usually come to see their basketball triumph. Recently the dream team has won against Sacramento Kings with an amazing game.

david watching game

Their game was observed by another of their fans – the football icon David Beckham. He usually goes to watch basketball only with Gordon Ramsey, but this time David was alone. He seemed in a good mood, despite the Achilles injury he got during a football game.

Nowadays one of the hottest men in the soccer is concentrating on his business, the expanding of Brand Beckham Limited.

His stunning wife, the fashion legend Victoria Beckham also works on her career as fashion designer. The rumors claim the couple wants to turn back to UK.

They plan to raise their sons in UK and meanwhile several sources reported that the Beckhams are planning to have another baby. This is not yet officially approved, but it looks like David and Victoria are going to face changes in their family and career life.


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