Since 1983 he is unalterable singer of the group Poison. Bret Michaels has also made a successful career in television as an actor and host of other popular shows.

The singer is now in trouble as he is recovering from large brain hemorrhage. The singer was hospitalized last week as he complained of headache.

Later he had the hemorrhage, but the doctors controlled the situation and he is now out of danger. Last week the singer’s appendix was removed on emergency.

He passed the surgery successfully, but no one really expected that he is going to turn back in the emergency just a week later.

Bret’s spokesperson revealed the singer condition is now stable, but he is exhausted and needs a rest.

He is going to have more tests and more waiting, because his diagnosis is not confirmed. The doctors cannot locate the source of bleeding, but they are hoping after some tests to find the exact problem.

Bret Michael is said to be fighter and it is expected to overcome his disease. Yet, he is under 24-hour medical care and will remain in hospital, until his health issue is over. Thousands of people who support the singer have already sent flowers and said they pray for the Michael health.


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