Since the movie “The Hangover” turned to one of the biggest hits last year, we all felt in love to that shocking comedy.

The movie, which gave us an extraordinary idea about what our men do at their bachelor parties, is now so popular, that soon there will be a sequel. This is not going to be a sequel, in which you will see again the drunken heroes of “The Hangover”.

anna farisThis will be one super surprise for everyone, because the sequel of the movie will be chick flick story! The Bachelorette party will show a different look to what could women do at their last night as single girls.

This perhaps will be something we haven’t seen. The good news is that in The Bachelorette party will star Jennifer Garner, accompanied by the comedy actress Anna Faris.

jennifer garnerJennifer will play the role of a woman, who was left at the altar of her wedding ceremony. Her cousin in the movie is said to be Anna Farris and the duo will be supported by Zach Galifinakis.

The Bachelorette party will certainly hit the box offices, because everybody will want to see what is more interesting in the end – drunk girls or drunk boys? The question would be answered soon in the sequel of The Hangover.


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