The Borat star Sasha Baron Cohen has finally married his beloved Isla Fisher. The comedy star and the actress have been together for 8 years. The couple has a child, a 2-year-old daughter Olive.

The wedding ceremony was in Paris, where both were seen to walk hand in hand, happily married. The actress officially admitted the news, despite the rumors they will actually never get married.

Sasha Baron CohenThe world doesn’t seem to understand why Isla would take Sasha as a husband and many asked why she is marrying the eccentric comedy actor. His movies are beyond the scandalous limits and he is often criticized for being too harsh.

Sasha Baron Cohen 01No matter what you are thinking of Bruno (that was the name of his latest movie, where the star played German gay-model); you might be surprised by his education.

Sasha is holding Cambridge degree and his friends define him as an extremely smart and bright person.


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