Sandra Bullock has always been one of the favorite actresses of America. The Oscar nominee’s latest movie “The Blind Side” was praised as one of the best movies of the year.

sandraIn front of a several media representatives Sandra’s co-star Quentin Aaron revealed that he actually has a crush on the actress, before even shooting the famous movie. According to Aaron, Sandra is one of the most fascinating actresses in Hollywood.

Bullock was named “one of the most beautiful women inside” by her partner, who added also that he would have a relation with the actress, if she wasn’t married. When Quentin Aaron found out that she was married, it was said that he has been very disappointed, but went for a warm friendship with Sandra.

Quentin’s opinion about Bullock has proven for one more time that the actress is one of the most reachable and natural stars on the Hollywood list. The actor claimed that unlike many other stars, Sandra would talk to anybody, who tries to approach her. Nowadays Sandra and Quentin are expecting success on the82nd Annual Academy Awards on March 7.


  1. I just watched “The Blind Side” and am always amazed at how far “LOVE” can take a person in life. Mike Oher, whom I just coined: “Oher The Top” makes strides in life, when a family takes in the disheveled, confused and lost teen, invests their time, energy and money into him, and he comes out of his shell. He accomplishes great things in life and is now a valuable player for the Ravens, not to mention making the Dean’s list.

    I know of scores of kids, who come from privilaged backgrounds, but who did not receive the proper amount of love and attention from their parents, and whose lives are in ruins.

    We need to love our kids, engage with them and invest time in them. They are the investment for the future of this nation.


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