The sweetheart of America, Sandra Bullock is facing bad times in her personal life, according to sources that claim her husband Jesse James cheated on her.

The best actress for 2010 that won an Oscar mentioned in her winner speech, that her husband Jesse is her biggest help. Apparently less than 10 days after the event, Sandra will have to fight for her marriage.

The couple met before several years and we finally saw Sandra happy. Yet, just as in a Hollywood fairytale, everything changes.

Sandra And Jesse JamesReports inform that Jesse had a 11-month secret affair with Michelle “Bombshell” McGee.

Michelle even made a statement to reveal she thought Sandra and Jesse are no longer together. While Sandra was shooting The Blind Side, Jesse had fun with Michelle. There is no official announcement about the rumors, but Sandra had cancelled her premiere in London due to personal reasons.

Sandra And Jesse James 01The news caused different reactions in the society. Sandra is one of the America’s favorite actresses. In her movies she often plays beloved women. The bad news is that Sandra’s movies often come to a good end, so it seems the actress has to fight for her happiness in her private life.


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