The stunning Salma Hayek is the latest Hollywood star to join the noble idea of charity activities. The actress is said to be joining a campaign named “Beyond the Backpack“, that advertises school readiness for preschoolers.

salma hayekThe campaign has been launched in honor of 10th anniversary of the famous kids show Dora the Explorer. Salma will join the movie-set of the children’s show and will manage several actions with the popular kid idol around the country.

salma hayek 02Salma, whose daughter, Valentina Pinault, will also join her mommy’s campaign, is one of the celebrities that always take part in charitable actions. Hayek is the movie star to include her own child in charity campaigns.

salma hayek 03After Salma’s show Ugly Betty got cancelled, the actress will have enough time to concentrate on her role in Dora The Explorer.

salma hayek 04One of the activities, in which Salma will take part, will be auctioning off of limited edition Dora’s backpacks. The money from the auction will go for children’s cause fundraising and help improving the education of the kids.


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