She was ugly, clumsy and annoying, but even the finest models couldn’t be compared to her simply because The Ugly Betty had a golden heart and that was her major weapon in the iconic TV show.

We will not enjoy it anymore; hence Ugly Betty is shut down after four seasons and a huge success. The show, which made a star the leading actress, America Ferrera is now no more on the TV, but the biggest question is: what will America do? The actress is answering this question by herself, as she claims that she will finally get some sleep and a rest.

There is nothing sure what is next for America Ferrera, but certainly she is going to stay in the Big Apple, waiting for another role, that will raise her back to the top again.

America Ferrera

America is now living with her boyfriend, the actor Ryan Piers Williams, but still there are no wedding plans at her side. The very next project, in which the young actress is involved, is an animated movie. The production “How to Train Your Dragon” will be released in few weeks.

After that America is going to make more comedy roles, something, in which the actress is already proven to be good.


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