The actors of famous hit TV Show, “Lost” are joining a noble cause. After the earthquake in Chile and the warnings of tsunami in Hawaii, the team, whose movie set is in that area is moving away from the risky place to a solid ground. The executive producer of the show has made an announcement that the entire team, who works on the island, is protected.

lost movieThe idea for the noble attitude of helping the noble Chilean cause came as a reaction of the actors feeling in danger for what was about to come. The producer and the actors suggested the “Lost” movie set to be used as a safe refuge because the studio is placed in a protected area, out of danger.

The cast of the show is there waiting in a good spirit. They are said to be out of harm and united against the tsunami threat.

The producers of the show declared that the actors are ready to launch a campaign raising funds to aid the area that made them famous. After the stars joining forces for Haiti, such news can only be welcomed.


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