It’s not easy being Jude Law. The actor, who always tends to have problems with women and is dubbed as a womanizer, now faces new troubles.

Jude will have to pay alimony for his baby daughter Sophia and her mother, the actress Samantha Burke that got pregnant after one night with the actor.

judeJude is said to pay $5000 per month in child support and will be allowed to see his newborn daughter twice in a year. Jude had seen his child only once, when he flew to Florida for arranging the custody details.

The actor is already a father of three children from the marriage with his ex- wife Sadie Frost. His children are now living with their mother. His oldest child is now 13 years old.

Still for a high-paid actor like Jude Law, $5000 per month isn’t a figure that seems big enough. According to the rumors, Jude isn’t pleased by this agreement, but he didn’t have any another choice.


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