The most beautiful actor meets the most beautiful actress and they have a passionate affair. That could sound as a perfect scene from real life, but yet this is just a scenario from the upcoming movie The Tourist, which leading actors are Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie.

There were rumors about some fluids between them, but alas, this turns to be only business. According to some sources, Johnny even doesn’t find Angie attractive enough. He is said to be not very pleased by the extremely beautiful actress and shared his opinion saying that kissing her is the least exiting thing he did this year.

johnny and angelina

Truth or not the rumors obviously didn’t thrill that much Brad Pit, who packed his stuff and flew to Venice to keep an eye on Angelina.

In the meantime, reports said that Johnny’s beloved Vanessa is also worried about the seductive presence of Angelina. In the movie, the actress plays an agent that has an affair with a tourist, played by Johnny Depp.


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