She is among the Hollywood actresses that perhaps will never win an Oscar. Some says Sharon Stone is a bad actress. Others point out her best role so far – The Basic instinct, where Sharon gained worldwide fame as a femme fatale.

Yet, Sharon is trying to come back at the movie set after a long period of time. She is currently the guest- star in the hit TV show Law &Order.

sharon stoneMany were afraid she could actually ruin the TV show, known with its famous guest-stars. The Basic instinct actress will show up in one episode. Sharon will play a lawyer in the cult TV show.

Lately the actress hasn’t been active. She didn’t hit the box offices with a major role, nor did she do any good play recently. The actress is now in her 50thies, but yet she looks stunning and can be easily compared with 30 year old women.

sharonWe can only guess that her act in Law& Order is another come back trial for the blond bombshell.


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