I am so glad that a new season of the CW’s hit show, “Gossip Girl”, is back and they are now in college. The socialites of this popular television show are in for new romances, dilemmas, and fashions.

“Gossip Girl” is based on a book by Cecily von Ziegesar. It is an American television drama that started by following the lives of teens who attend a private school in New York City.

Gossip Girl

As the seasons progress we watch as the rich kids make their way through school into the latest season at college. The show’s cool young actors, that have absolutely charmed me, have a following who adore their characters and the clothes they wear.  It is so popular that every young adult I know feel like they have to imitate the clothes they wear and sometimes the lives they lead.

I must say I love the show because it is smart and intriguing. With the backdrop of New York’s trendy East Side, it recalls another iconic New York show, ‘Sex and the City’.

The show follows Blair Waldorf , my personal favorite,(played by Leighton Meester) and Serena van der Woodsen (played by Blake Lively) who are best friends and socialites who go through the challenges of school, guys, and sometimes a rivalry with each other.

Other actors, Chace Crawford, Ed Westwick, Penn Badgley, Jessica Szohr, and Taylor Momsen are part of the cast and add depth to the show, as they play their parts in the crazy, often messed up New York’s downtown scene.

Kristen Bell narrates for the invisible ‘Gossip Girl’ blogger. These beautiful actors and actresses are followed by teenagers all over the world and “Gossip Girl” has become a name synonymous with fashion and style.

This new season has these beautiful socialites in college and I can’t wait to see what happens. There is a new set of rivalries, romances, break-ups, scandals and of course new fashions.

What will happen with the Romeo and Juliet romance between Nate Archibald (Chace Crawford) and southern belle, Bree Buckley (JoAnna Garcia)? What will happen between wicked little Blair and Chuck Bass (Ed Westwick’s character)?

Although they have left their high school days behind them, college only opens more doors, allows more freedom, and this means more chances for backstabbing and secrets but also more relationships and flings. I am sure to tune in every week to follow this dynamic show.

This swanky story is the craze for millions of teenagers out there. The “Gossip Girl” label now translates to hip, current and modern, in short all the attributes of a celebrity.

Its fans are ready to emulate the styles and wish that they could live the life of a debutante in the heart of busy, bustling, New York City, a place that sets the world’s fashion every single day.

The characters have very definite styles, bad classy Blair, free-spirited Serena, ambitious Jenny, quirky Vanessa, and this is great fodder for the different clothing that speaks to many types of teenage girls out there.

This new season of ‘Gossip Girl’, with the new backdrop of college, seems exciting and different from the other two seasons because there are more chances for bigger adventures and for characters to grow and make a dramatic impact. This drama can be addictive because it gives people a chance to peek into a world that many of us do not have admittance in to.

We can cheer our favorite characters on and hope that our not-so-favorite characters get what is coming to them, and all the while we can relish the great life tale told before our eyes.

I feel a guilty pleasure to tune in to the CW and watch the rich and beautiful as they make their way through a new season in college while trying to find love and avoid heartbreak, and I sure hope I will feel it for many seasons more.


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