They were the hottest couple in Hollywood. We loved them, because they were so sweet and we often named them the sweethearts of America. Yes, Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz were our favorites and we would love to see them together again.

Justin Timberlake and Cameron DiazBelieve it or not, this will happen soon! Just not in real life, because as we do know Justin is dating Jessica Biel, while Cameron is said to be happily single. Still, the ex partners will be seen together on the movie set for their latest film Bad Teacher.

According to the sources, we will have to watch them together in a hot scene, where Justin and Cameron are said to be all alone in a hotel and all this ends up with a steamy act.

There is no information how Jessica Biel will react to see how her beloved Justin is doing the hot scene with his ex-girlfriend, but we can only guess that wouldn’t be so amusing for Jessica. The movie has already gained attention due to the presence of Cameron and Justin and the movie critics expect even more fame after its releasing.


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