They did it again! The creators of Twilight Saga released their official trailer for the upcoming sequel Eclipse. Millions of viewers are waiting to find out what exactly will happen with Bella and Edward.

The sequel still didn’t give us the answers, but what we find out was that in the Eclipse we will perhaps see Bella coming closer of being a vampire. Jacob of course reveals his love for Bella and insists she will stay human.

Will Edward turn Bella into a vampire or she will still be human? The ones who are not patient to see the movie, read the book to know better.

eclipse trailer

What is yet known is that Edward will not leave Bella and he swears an eternal love to her. The movie sequel is following exactly the book of Stefanie Mayer and for Twilight lovers who read the book is already clear what will happen.

Still, the sequel stays as one of the most expected movies this year. The success of Twilight saga is amazing and breaks the old cliché in the industry that any sequel isn’t as good as the original first movie. With each single movie, the creators of Twilight have improving their skills to grab the viewer’s attention. And they will for sure do with Eclipse, which is expected this year at June 30.


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