When people look at Heidi Montag’s pictures from one year ago, they are for sure amazed of the great differences the star is showing compared with her former self.

It seems that apart from the drastic changes she chose to put her body through she also managed to shake up the other aspects in her life.

heidi montag 01During Jay Leno show, she declared herself completely able to run her life and career with no additional help and declared that she simply woke up one day and realized she does not need her former husband/ manager Spencer Pratt around so she fired him that instant.

After choosing a re-known psychic Aiden Chase as her manager, she changed her mind and decided to do it herself and that got her a new role in the “Just Go with it” movie also starring Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston.

heidi montag 02If this looks like a series of smart decisions, not the same thing can be said about the decision taken concerning her appearance.

It seems that when she kept the tabloids with her 10 surgery procedures done in a single day topic, she was very close to brake the law since her breast implants have 700cc and the legal limit is 800.

After she declared herself satisfied with her current appearance, Heidi seems to have chosen to stop momentarily from tuning up her body.

But is there anything else left to be tuned about her?


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