Yes, paparazzi might not be very pleasant for the Hollywood celebrities. Paparazzi are often letting people understand they are not welcome and their presence leads to accidents. We already have seen many angry stars, who can’t keep their private space due to reporters and photographers.

lily allenThere are of course celebrities, which react unusual to the paparazzi presence. Examples are few. First in the list of starts, who can’t keep up with journalists is Hugh Grant. In 2007 the actor was spotted to throw a tin can of baked beans at the photographers.

hugh grantLindsay Lohan also can’t hold her fury when she sees paparazzi. Just few days back the actress chucked a Red Bull at them and tried to escape the crowds of angry photo journalists.

That isn’t the first time when Lindsay shows her nerves. Last year she was throwing eggs at photographer, who tried to take a picture at the scandalous actress.

British pop-singer Lilly Allen had a collision with a journalist in London and that led to a clash, in which Lilly was throwing bottles at the curious photographer.

britneyBritney Spears tried unusual way to get rid of paparazzi back in 2007. That time she tried to beat photographers with an umbrella.


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