They are celebrity toddlers and their pictures are on the cover pages of the magazines around the globe. There is no excuse to say these children are born to be under the spotlight since babies.

The fashion is in their blood and manners. The stars’ children differ a lot with what we have as an idea of a child. Suri Cruise for instance is wearing high heels and her mom obviously allows nail polish.

suri cruiseAs for Brangelina’s child Shiloh, we can say this is a perfect example of well-dressed modern kid.

shilohGwen Stefani’s son Kingston is also good example of a child that follows the fashion trends. Lately Kingston was seen to wear rock-style clothes, just as his father does.

Along with their toys, the celebrity toddlers are holding fashion accessories and they seem to enjoy it. The bespoke winner is Tom Cruise’s daughter Suri. We already know she has born with luck, but apparently she will be a girl that will inspire her generation with her fashion look.


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