Lindsay Lohan doesn’t have much luck lately. Hence she is traveling all over Europe and could be seen at all kinds of fashion shows, one can think Lindsay finally has learned the art of the fashion.

lindsay lohanObviously that isn’t so; hence Ungaro fired her after bad results, experienced since Lindsay was named creative director of the European fashion brand. Ungaro is known as one of the fashion brands relaying on super quality and certain class.

The decision that allowed Lindsay to be creative director of their last collection came after the celebrity was launching her own fashion label. Even so, Lindsay accepted the Ungaro offer, but everyone seemed to underestimate her work.

lindsay lohan 01Fashion experts in Europe called her collection for Ungaro “failure” and the further results for her career were apparently predictable.

Lindsay was disowned by Ungaro. If you think she was very upset with this news, just take a look at the star. She seems to not care and demonstrate it her best way – going at another fashion show.

Lohan was guest of the Paris fashion week and chose to watch Kenzo latest fashion collection.


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